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I popped my spanking cherry and I liked it


Danni, 32.


Queer Conscious Sex

The Basics

This one-day workshop offers you the chance to learn breathing techniques that enhance sexual pleasure, explore the queerest of erogenous zones, practice conscious touch and learn how to build up sexy energy in your life

Queer Conscious Sex

& Power

This one-day workshop offers you the chance to explore how power intersects with your sex and sexuality. You learn tools to amp up your sexual power, use power exchange to juice up sex and explore sensual surrender.

Queer Conscious Sex

& Intense Sensation

This one-day workshop explores the territory of pleasure in pain, offering you the chance to see how intense sensations can heighten sexual pleasure. You learn techniques for giving and receiving tingles, thuds and smacks in safe and sensuous ways.


Queer Conscious Orgasms Breath & Energy Orgasms to expand your pleasure & queer heart

This half-day workshop allows you to experience a solo orgasm through using breath and intention. Sometimes called a ‘breath and energy orgasm’ this practice is gender and genital free and allows you to experience oodles of sexual pleasure, whilst keeping your pants on and with out touching your genitals.

*This practice is particularly handy for those who have a complex relationship with their body and/or want to have more ecstatic experiences in their life.

Cunt Love

This two-day workshop will allow you to indulge in the most deluxe collection of techniques and practices for loving your cunt. Whether loving your own or another’s, the workshop will create a safe and queer hearted space for you to explore all manner of cunt/ vulva/ muff and lady garden loving practices! (*or what ever you call that magical place between your thighs).

The workshop will involve using ancient and modern techniques for connecting more fully and pleasurably with your cunt, in a guided, reverent and non-judgmental space.

Energy Genitals

Manifesting cocks, cunts & beyond

Explore and connect with your energy genitals! We will use a range of breath, mindfulness and meditation practices to explore manifesting a range of energy genitals and how these might be useful for broadening our sexual selves and capacities for pleasure. We will unpick the relationship between genitals, genders and sexualities to allow greater queer sexual potential for all.


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