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Amanda's facilitation invites total curiosity and fun whilst imparting valuable knowledge. The stuff I've learnt in her spaces I use over, and over in my own bedroom. And this workshop in particular is set to be very valuable indeed!

Queer person, 36


Energy Genitals is a subject close to my heart. If you've ever felt something besides the physicality of your bits during sex, solo or otherwise, then you already know what 'energy' means in this context. Harnessing this tool is a fabulous skill for everyone, especially queers and gender non-conformists.

Queer person, 30


The greatest thing these sexual freedom pioneers achieved with their workshop, for me personally, was a pure, unadulterated ‘queer space’, for all genders and sexualities, each welcomed and welcoming. Fantastic experience, to be free within a truly inclusive space; often talked about but rarely achieved. These ladies absolutely did so with resounding success.

The workshop itself was pretty damn outstanding, liberating, educational and fun, too…

~doffs cap~

DK, 45, Queer FtM


My partner and I attended a Queer Conscious Sex workshop, to nurture and explore ourselves – as individuals and as a couple. What happened was just wonderful: Under Amanda Gay-Love’s warm guidance, the group explored consent and established trust. She lead us through explorations of gender, breath, sound and movement. She guided us in to touch exercises that broke open possibilities and involved more than a few ‘firsts’ for people – my partner and me included. The day ended with everyone sharing about their experiences of the workshop, which was a moving testament to the space Amanda and co-facilitators had created. Amanda runs her workshops with enthusiasm, humanity, and humour. I would recommend Queer Conscious Sex to anyone wishing to explore the expansiveness of their sexuality and queerness.

Jem, 40


This day awoke, in the most sensual way, the power of body, soul and mind in the indulgence of sharing and exploring power and love.

Delicate Balance, 47, Lesbian


I’ve been to three of Amanda’s workshops, and each time I’ve learned something new about myself. Whether you’re new to it all, or more experienced, you’ll find a really welcoming and inclusive space to explore yourself.

Belle, 45


The Conscious sex power workshop was awesome. For so long I had not accepted my shadow male self as I felt no one else would accept it too. This was a space I felt safe and given permission to be honest with my desires. I felt I truly came into my sexual power with a newly integrated shadow self and it was good!

Jake Fearless, 44, Trans man, hetero balanced


I enjoyed being in a queer positive ‘tantra’ space, having come from a background of many more hetero tantra environments. Felt very at home, much richer and more fully expressed in this environment. I found the practices engaging and fun.

Katie, 26, Bisexual


Amanda, Claire and Rebecca create beautiful safe spaces to explore sexuality. It’s fine to go by yourself. Its absolutely not predatory. I’ve always found the spaces to be very respectful, with people of all ages, combinations of gender, body sizes and disabilities. I used to only call myself lesbian, but now I realise that the ambiguity of queer fits better. When you focus on sensual/sexual touch and intention gender isn’t key – which really surprises me. It helps broaden my experience of sex – to include gazing into someone’s eyes for 2 minutes/ really receive a gentle or textured touch on any part of my body / or to surrender full clothed to someone leading me around the room in a simple rope harness. I love the way we get to negotiate really specifically and simply about what we do and don’t want to give and to receive. That’s such a powerful experience and something I have used to help me learn about myself, in sex and the rest of life. It’s really enhanced my love life with myself and my partner. Thank you.

Deirdre, 47, queer femme


My partner and I attended Queer Conscious Sex despite not being entirely sure what to expect, if I’m honest. What we found was a truly glorious testament to queer space, openness, honesty and authenticity. I use none of those words lightly. The space they created gave everyone there (from cocksure to insecure) room and nourishment to flourish, to really get in touch with themselves and each other in surprisingly comfortable yet intimate ways. Thank you deeply. We learnt much, enjoyed more and most definitely will be returning; both for your fabulous teaching and facilitating and to relish the genuinely Queer Space of acceptance in diversity that you have created.

Lou, 35, Lesbian


I popped my spanking cherry and I liked it!

Danni, 32.


A highly erotic experience and a liberating, loving and erotically charged day, more please!

Lisa, 36, dyke





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